When I first started Black Underwear, one of my goals was to shift the paradigm on the word "Black". I often ask people, "what does 'black' mean to you?" I had never thought about how synonymous the word black was to "Black" people. Even the name, Black Underwear, made non-black people ask, "Is this made for only Black people?" 

I never once threw on tighty whities and thought, "I'm dressing like a white guy." I've never eaten Chinese food, and thought, "I wonder how Chinese people feel about me eating lo mein." So why do people think Black Underwear was made for only Black people? 

Black Underwear is a company owned by me, a Black man. We produce the color black for our underwear because we want our underwear to be worry-free. Our underwear are not made for the skin tone of Black people, because if you haven't noticed Black people are not actually the color black! 

But, with all that said, not only will we continue to be your favorite pair for your favorite pair- we will now be the #1 Black Owned men's underwear brand in the world. 

Thank you in advance,