Our Story


Our mission is to create worry-free underwear that gives men more time to pursue their purpose.

That’s why at BLACK our pillars are Comfort, Health, & Purpose-Protection. From the materials we use, to the technology, down to the fact we only use shades of Black for our color palettes, we have taken the movement toward the future of utilitarian products that are multi-functional without lacking quality. Bruce Lee said, “It is not daily increase but daily decrease, hack away the unessential.”

Everyday, men have to worry about so much. Providing for family, providing for themselves, being a great father, a great husband, brother, staying healthy, and staying present. Every second counts. Every second he stands sorting through something as trivial as his underwear drawer, he’s missing out on the most important thing to a man - his purpose.

In 2020, I looked around for a quality, Black-Owned men's underwear brand. I found a lot of messaging without the quality.

So I created what I was looking for.

I wanted to offer an exceptional product, first and foremost. But if being kinfolk gets you in the door, first, I'll take it.

- James McDonald / Owner of Black Underwear