As you read this right now, something is probably attacking your balls! Well, don't get up and run- yet. 

With the world adjusting to having more people telework from home, the number of interactions are sure to increase. More Laptops on your lap and more streaming television, men are going to need something to protect their pair from this increase in radiation. You wouldn’t get an x-ray without a shield, so why wouldn’t you shield your favorite pair?

We at BLACK truly believe that the future of men's underwear is more than comfort and breathability. We believe it s protection.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) is produced anywhere electricity is produced. X-ray machines, Power Lines, Microwaves, Wi-Fi, cellphones all send out invisible waves of radiation. 

Where is your cellphone right now? Is your laptop on your lap, right now? On average, men will come across 25 points of radiation a day. Everything from officers holding radar guns to heating up food in the microwave.

According to several studies, increased interaction with EMF radiation can cause male infertility and erectile dysfunction. Our balls are more sensitive than other organs to even low levels of radiation.

This is how BLACK through- future research, development, and funding- will continue to be your favorite pair for your favorite pair.