BlackTown - an ethnocentric community of Native Blacks, that reinforces Black excellence and is financially insulated. Sounds almost like some racist, black supremacy talk, right. But this is exactly what Chinatown is for Chinese people; Little Italy for Italians; Little Havana for Cubans; especially any Jewish community for the Jewish. 

All of these other communities reinforces their own culture excellence through their schools, places of worship, and community guidelines. Doctors live next to teachers who lives next to waiters and everything above and in-between. In America, Black Doctors rarely live next to Black waiters, which mean they may not live next to the people who need to see that Black Doctors can come from here.

My ultimate goal with No Shaytan Shall Prosper LLC - through our brands NSSP & BLACK Underwear- is to build and establish BlackTown. Schools, places of worship, our restaurants, our stores, our parks and community centers that'll remind us of our excellence and exceptionalism. Places of business that'll have others saying, "I need to go to BlackTown to buy some...". A place where we can be ourselves under our own guidelines. 

Follow me on this journey...