When we first came up with the idea of BLACK Underwear, it was in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, and the sparking of the BLACK Lives Matter Movement. We created the brand out of the desire to combat economic inequality by being able to create a brand that help insulate BLACK dollars.

But BLACK Underwear wasn't made exclusively for BLACK or Native BLACK Americans.

Our founder, James McDonald is a BLACK man, but the name of our brand had more so to do with how he felt about the word BLACK. 

"BLACK is everything," James often says. "BLACK is the tip of the universe, and the bottom of the ocean. It's inside your mother's womb, and inside your tomb."

We chose for our products to be BLACK because it falls under our Purpose-Protection guarantee. Not only are we looking to the future, and developing EMF Radiation shielding underwear, but we want to protect you from, well, you.

Too often are men victims of just being men. We work hard, so we sweat hard. We don't get wax jobs at the same rate as women, and even if we did, our pair would still leave their mark. A women's equivalent is the inside of some of their sports bras. We wipe as good as we can, but sometimes good is not good enough. After you throw them in the washer, your underwear shouldn't remind you came up short. 

We found ourselves wasting time hovering over our underwear drawer, trying to decide which color or patterns we wore recently. Trying not to wear the heart or polka dot ones before we gave the electric blue ones a go.

It's more than just a name designated to people of a certain hue. BLACK is literally everything.